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» Nation's Leading Transit Authority - Mobile App
Create a mobile app for the clinet’s Breeze Card holders. The Breeze Card holder should be provided with rich user experience and convenience of purchasing new cards and recharge existing cards. The mobile app also should provide additional facilities like travel alerts, news and locate near by Bus/Rail station of the transit authority from user’s current location along with route to access.
Key Challenges:
  Working with different web services to allow user to purchase new cards and recharge existing cards.
  Integrating Google API for location search and access route.
Our Solution:
We delivered a comprehensive solution integrating legacy ticketing and financial application. We Developed iPhone mobile App with most of the functionalities what web site offers to Breeze card holders. Some additional functionality like alerts, news and locate near by Bus/Rail station are provider for rich user experience.
Now client wants to provide same in Android and Blackberry technologies after reviewing and standardizing features in iPhone App. The iPhone App is under User Acceptance review and testing presently.
iPhone Mobile App, iOS, Webservices
A few Sample Screens
» America’s Top Leading Bank
ID Protection by Client multi-lingual web application developed for the client. It  provides comprehensive identity theft solution and fraud detection program to their customers which includes 24/7 credit monitoring, credit change alerts, access to credit reports, credit scores and credit expert with major credit bureaus Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Customers convert their membership from offline to online to delivery their credit information through website
Key Challenges:
  Dynamic content driven and management for multi-languages.
  Working with Creditnet to extract both credit reports and Monitoring Alerts from three credit bureaus for both offline and online.
  Keeping information extremely secure (PCI compliance).
  Migration of legacy data of 80 million customers from TUI website to ID protection site and provide all services as regular customer
  Synchronizing website activities with clients mainframe system for billing and customer support
  Working with third part credit score simulation tools
Our Solution:
The site was designed to support multiple languages, all the content is driven from database. It had to be flexible and highly secure to support the following:
  We encrypted all sensitive data and the site was validated by PCI compliance.
  Customer notification for hack attempts and modification to client profile.
  Communications between the website, credit net and membership system CISA using XML web services and flat files.
  Developed different purchase path for regular, 30days free, employee, DR TV referrals and utilize the promotion codes.
  Nightly updates from and to the client’s mainframe to post all web activities.
  Capturing and notifying monitoring alerts to the users.
  Created tools to support customer service for researching client questions, updating emails, reset password, etc.
  Authenticate users because sensitivity of the information.
  Ability for customer service to manually authenticate users.
All the development was done in ASP.NET environment using webservices (creditnet, paymentech, other 3rd party tools like CreditXpert webservices and backend on MS SQL 2005
» Auto Glass Tools Manufacturer
Client is in the business of Auto Glass parts and tools and was looking for a complete eCommerce solution for their product line. In addition, client is a preferred vendor for Safelite. Safelite uses Oracle iProcurement for order processing software for its purchases. Apart from Safelite, client deals with different types of web customers. Client also uses accounting software (Microsoft Dynamics GreatPlains - MSGP) for the purpose of sales and inventory management. The website had to be in sync with client’s MSGP. client approached us for development of web application to take care of online Shopping catalogue, order management, user management and data synchronization with web site database and MSGP. This application should make the client’s sales team more efficient. It should also provide various other tools required to systematically complete the order and transfer information to Microsoft Great Plains system.
Key Challenges:
  Build a fully functional website with complete Administration controls.
  Communicating with Microsoft Great Plains from web site and keep web and MSGP database in sync ( Inventory, Sales Orders, Invoices, Customer data etc)
  Communicating with Safelite Oracle iProcurement system
  Communicating with FedEx USPS and UPS webservices and calculate freight charges on the fly taking into account - weight, dimensions and destination
  Integrating online payment gateway – Paymentech Payment Gateway
  Transferring existing offline customer data of 100,000 from MSGP to web data base and make a offline to online conversion mechanism
  Providing security for different type of customers with different pricing level
  Back order & multiple invoice
Our Solution:
We developed the complex web application and it is now operational for over 14 months.
  The application deals with different types of customers with different pricing levels.
  Customer can browse their order history, product form product catalogue based on the select category.
Customer has option to view product price, product image, product description, and add product to shopping cart upon successful login to this application. Customer has option to view product price, product image, product description, and add product to shopping cart upon successful login to this application.
This application had advanced shopping cart where customer can update the quantity, remove items, view checkout price, user friendly navigations for placing an order and integrate to use two different shipping providers’ web services (UPS & FedEx).
Administrators can browse all new orders received; change any order (for customer service), view/edit customer profiles, view payment history, view/edit/add product categories and products including images.
The core functionality of this application is to receive orders from iProcurement (through oracle punch-out XML communication between website and iProcurement), post the XML invoice to iProcurement, synchronize and exchange the data’s between website database and Microsoft Great Plains. To achieve this core functionality we developed three scheduler programs (I) to synchronize and exchange the data’s between website database and Microsoft Great Plains and (II) receive orders from iProcurement through oracle punch-out via XML and (III) post invoice to iProcurement in the form of XML. This scheduler program (I) will run automatically on regular interval of every one hour daily and it does the following jobs to synchronize and exchange the data:
    Transfer web customer data to Microsoft Great Plains
    Update web customer data to Microsoft Great Plains
    Transfer web order data to Microsoft Great Plains
    Update web order data to Microsoft Great Plains
    Get invoice from Microsoft Great Plains and transfer to web database
    Update the order status in web database
    Send invoice and shipping confirmation email to customer
ASP.Net 2.0, Webservices
MSGP Web services
MS SQL 2005
FedEx and UPS Webservices
Lucy Payment Gateway Webservices
Oracle iProcurement Interfaces
ASPEmail Agent
» Printing Company
Client is a printing company providing more hassle free publishing services for its customers. Client uses its web portal to receive orders from its customers. Customers upload their books for publishing through online web portal. The orders received from customers are processed by our application and the processed files are uploaded to client’s FTP server. As part of the web portal enhancement client decided to incorporate new features which will enable its customers to upload the source files for eBooks Conversion. The specified eBooks formats are Amazon Kindle Format, Broadband eBooks, eReader, IDPD/EPUB, Mobipocket and Portable Document Format (PDF). Client approached us for the implementation of new features into the existing Web application. The application should make the work of Sheridan professionals easier and efficient. The application should allow the our off-shore technical team to update the work status. The application should also provide both HTTP and FTP file upload facility to place an order.
Key Challenges:
  Uploading source files of different sizes
  Transferring large files to and from FTP server
  Implementing AJAX based modules for better user interface
  Tracking Order status for different eBooks Formats
Our Solution:
We developed the complex web application for a large publishing company. The application deals with different types of customers with different access levels. Customers can upload the source file through the web application. Customers have option to view the order status of different eBooks formats, upon successful login to this application. This application also allows the admin users to modify and cancel the orders placed.
The core functionality of this application is to receive orders from customers through easy to use order placing user interface. To achieve this core functionality we developed an AJAX based program module which facilitates the file upload process. Our application’s login mode allows the users to update the work in process and completed work through easy to use user interface. The updated status will be reflected in the corresponding customer’s screens. Apart from this the application has a custom built plug-in program module which allows the admin users to fetch files from FTP server and place order in case of any difficulties faced by client’s customers.
Coldfusion MX 7.0
MS SQL 2000
» Management Consulting Company
Client offers management consulting services for achieving profitable growth even in tough times using distinctive advantage of our easy to deploy business innovation and excellence tools. Client wanted to develop a portal for innovation community. The main objective of this portal is to create a big resource of information on innovation, offer certifications, Jobs listing etc.  Client also wanted to develop a testing engine, that could help in standardized testing solution for Innovation certification (first of its kind).
Key Challenges:
  Create certification engine which holds objective type and descriptive type tests. The tests are time limited and intuitive
  Most of the portal content is dynamic and should be managed by custom CMS
Our Solution:
  We provided a Certification engine for users to take certification examinations in business innovations
  We created a website with user controls which are easily manageable in CMS
  As part of Phase II, we will be developing CMS for IBI
ASP.NET 2.0, MS SQL 2000, 123Signup Payment Gateway
» Direct Marketing Company
Our Client has a long list of large corporations as their customers for direct marketing and order processing. client hosts and maintains many websites. Client approached us for developing a Content Management System (CMS) which can bridge many loopholes and gaps that are there in currently available CMS in market.
Content Management will allow a very fast way to manage different domains from one central control. The purpose of the content management is to allow administrators with help of a small programming team to build multiple website with very similar functionality through a completely data driven pages.
Our Solution:
We developed and hosted CMS on a high-performance web server. Here is a list of functions the CMS performs:
  Creates a new domain through CMS Application
  Each domain has its own style sheet, and set of unique images, header and logos
  Each Domain has multiple release versions
  The look and feel for a domain needs to be consistent in terms of (Header/Footer/Left Navigation panel and Top navigation panel) based on templates. The middle content will keep changing or remain consistent decided by the Editor.
  All application will be in English but we should have a flag to change the language to any predetermined language supported by the system.
  All the events in the CMS changes are logged
  The content management follows a work flow governed by different roles as
Our CMS solution offers the following features for different roles:
  Graphic designers – Uploading pictures, Templates, style sheets (Authors can only use uploaded pictures)
  Content providers (Authors) – Authors provide information
  Programmers – Develop dynamic functional blocks, upload and make sure all parts are well tested
  Editors (approvers and authors of the content). Editors manage the versions and can commit or rollback older versions.
  Admin – Each URL is managed independently through a Domain key and connects each domain to the correct style-sheets and pages.
All the development was done in ASP.NET environment using webservices (creditnet, paymentech, other 3rd party tools like CreditXpert webservices and backend on MS SQL 2005
» Windshield Repairing Company
Pennsylvania based client is the earliest pioneers of windshield repair and they are in the field for the last 28 years.
As part of business expansion program, client decided to revamp the website and make it a complete ecommerce website with fully functional payment facility available.  Apart from this client being preferred supplier for Safelite, it has become necessary to automate the sales order & invoice processes with Oracle iProcurement system of Safelite.
Key Challenges:
  Build a complete website with shopping cart and payment processing.
  Build Administration tool that can do all backend process for all orders received.
  Communicating with Safelite Oracle iProcurement system
  Communicating with UPS webservices and calculate freight charges on the fly taking into account - weight, dimensions and destination
  Integrating online payment gateway – Lucy payment gateway.
  Providing security for different type of customers with different pricing level
  Back ordering & multiple invoicing
Our Solution:
We developed a SEO friendly website for the client.  The website has all the order processing functionality with Google Checkout integration for credit card processing. Customers are shown different price catalogues as per allotment. Taking weight, dimensions of items in cart, shipping charges are calculated using webservices of UPS.
The important functionality of Integrating with Safelite’s Oracle iProcurement is done using cXML calls to:
  Enable login to Website, 
  Place Purchase Order &
  Receive invoice from iProcurement.
The above achieved a great leap forward in sales for the client and streamlined the sales management. system
ASP.Net 2.0, Webservices
MS SQL 2005
UPS Webservices
Google Checkout Webservices
Oracle iProcurement Interfaces
ASPEmail Agent
» Pharmaceutical Company
Create an eLearning website for the client, a pioneer in GMP training. The eLearning website should host rich audio, video and flash content for training in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).
Key Challenges:
  Convert live video recordings into training material
  Making a flash engine which can create flash presentation on the fly for developing training content
Our Solution:
  Converted videos synching to audio/video to web lectures
  Developed a flash engine to enable content developers to make training pages on the fly
  Integrated Google Checkout payment gateway for online sales of courses
ASP 3.0
MS SQL 2000
Google Checkout
» IDIQ Mobile App
Create a mobile app for IdentityIQ to existing customers of web customers to enable users keep track of monitoring credit history changes, tracking credit scores and tracking their credit score on a graph.
Key Challenges:
  Working with Creditnet to extract both credit scores and Monitoring Alerts from three credit bureaus for subscribers.
  Integrating some of the monitoring information in a flash presentation.
Our Solution:
We delivered the application with many features and tools to subscribers of the client with many plans for delivering Credit Reports, Scores and Monitoring activities. The mobile application is for catering smart phone users to monitor their credit history changes on move. The mobile app also provides credit scores and score changes compared user’s credit goal.
iPhone Mobile App, iOS, Webservices.
A few Sample Screens:
» Capital Management Company
The client is one of the well known Capital Management companies in the US. Its range of services includes Asset Management, Brokerage, Hedge funds and other investments.
Business Need:
The client's existing legacy data management system did not allow for easy or efficient data access. The data, once entered and stored, could not be viewed or reused by any other customer units in the organization. The client wanted a more accessible and comprehensive view of its customer portfolio - a 360-degree viewing ability which would enable it to create and capitalize on increased sales opportunities. This involved an enterprise-wide initiative and the client needed to reengineer the existing customer data from the legacy application to a new application. The aim was to use this new IT architecture to enhance existing customer relationships as well as be in a position to provide better service to new customers.
Key Challenges:
The relevant data were stored in multiple outdated customer repositories that did not allow visibility to customers in other units of the client. The client's legacy system included more than 600 application interfaces and the challenge was to manage so many interfaces and simultaneously streamline the migration process. Apart from typical data quality issues, the existing system was also dependent on several other calling programs and applications in the distributed environment. This posed added complexity to the migration exercise.
Our Solution:
Our team developed and evaluated 9 technical options to address the migration of more than 600 application interfaces. After further evaluation, the most suitable option was selected in a joint exercise with the client.
RitePros project team devised a comprehensive implementation roadmap which addressed issues such as cost estimates and milestones for the interface migration and technical analysis of the chosen solution. In the first release, data from one of the major legacy customer repositories was synchronized and migrated to the new enterprise component. The team also developed several small applications that operated on top of the enterprise component. The first release was completely managed and developed by RitePros and can boast of a completely successful implementation.
Results Achieved:
  The client's enterprise-wide IT objective of gaining an adaptable, central 360-degree view of customer data was fulfilled and the client was able to move seamlessly to newer technologies
  The benefits of the new system were quick to manifest across the enterprise and resulted in far greater responsiveness to business changes
  This initiative also enabled the client to explore more revenue-generating and revenue-planning opportunities, such as cross-selling, improved target marketing
  Based on the enhanced effectiveness and ease-of-use of the new system, the client has been able to significantly reduce its time to market of new products
» Health Insurance Company
Our client is nation’s well known Health Insurance Company. This company provides both individual and group insurance to the companies. Client wanted to develop an eBilling application for both internal and external customers. This application was supposed to be operated by different roles within the company and external users.
Key Challenges:
Client had a very specific requirement and wanted to develop the application in alignment with their current IT landscape of other applications as this new application would be integrated with other applications and would be used the input from and deliver the output to the other components of a very highly complex claim management system which runs in compliance with HIPAA and meets other government regulations.
Our Solution:
We deliver a very high quality application with built in flash based training module and help utility. Some of the functions this application performs are as below:
  External customers can login in their account using group no., member ID or social security number and password
  Company’s employees can login with their employee ID and password
  Search invoices based on different criteria
  View, download and print invoices
  Consolidate invoice to make collective payments
  Elect to stop receiving invoices in the mail
  Create reports on billing history, payment history, amount paid amount pending etc.
  Export reports to other applications
  View the summary of premiums for the invoice
  View benefit information for each member in the family
  Create bank account and link it to user’s account
  Set up auto payment
  Email payment confirmation
  Search payments based on amount range and date range
  Regenerate lost password
  Adding, managing and deleting users
  Manage user profile and change password utility
  Adding, managing deleting bank accounts, credit cards
  Password regeneration utility
Application was delivered to the client achieving all the required standards and expectations. This application is not only highly user friendly but also it has reduced the redundancy of data and TCO for the client easing the operation and maintaining integrity of the process flow seamlessly. This application is currently under the process of integration with client’s complex claim management system.
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